Saturday, February 16, 2008

Elmo's Birthday

Oh my! All I can say is that we celebrated Elmo's birthday and that if we celebrate it again it will be from the comfort of our own home. Don't get me wrong. I am glad we went although the anticipation was probably more exciting than anything. Elmo was late. Yes, to his own party. It was a bit annoying but W didn't mind. and when he finally arrived!!!! Eeeeelllllmoooooo! I wish I got his expression on camera. He was definitely impatient while we were waiting to see him, as you can see. and when it was finally time for our photo op with our red furry friend, well, W didn't want to get too close. I can't blame him. I think he would just prefer to watch him on tv.

I told J that Master P wasn't going to have the experience of seeing Elmo in person. He said that next time he would stay home with W while I took Pman to the celebration. Yeah, right.

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shokufeh said...

We celebrated Elmo's birthday today too. My MrMan also was quite nervous when it actually came time to meet the birthday monster. But then cried when it was time to part ways. It's funny sometimes the crazy things that parents subject ourselves to.