Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Potty Training

Am I crazy to try this? with a boy so young? I found out Monday that W can't go to camp where I want him to go unless he's potty trained. This is a child who will sit in a dirty diaper for days. But I really don't have another option that I'm excited about. and I certainly can't have him at home all summer. It's not me so much as it is him being bored now that he's had a taste of fun. So I ordered a book and am going to take on this project. Any tips are much appreciated.

He has been interested in the Potty lately. He's saying the word a lot. If that means anything.

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shokufeh said...

Not that he initiates sitting on the potty, but my son is a big fan of the Elmo pottytraining DVD - at least it gets him talking about what they do. And washing his hands after we say bye-bye to the poop.
Good luck!