Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh my word. So much is going on. W fell on his face and ate dirt, literally. He has a large bloody scrape on his nose and upper lip. It doesn't bother him and it's amazing how quickly kids heal. Master P is rolling over from front to back and back to front. We have to be careful of where we leave him. Bummer. It's nice to just put him on the bed and walk away to wash your face or whatever. No more. W is still talking about the potty and getting more outgoing everyday. He is quite the ham when we take him out to eat. Saying hi and hello to everyone he meets. He's really into his "backpuck" and doesn't really like to leave the house without it. Master P gets a kick out of his big brother now. It's nice when he's paying attention to him because it gets his attention and keeps him quiet-forgetting that he doesn't have his pacifier stuffed in his mouth. W gets tired of the entertaining rather quickly so my minivacation doesn't always last for long.

This post was really more for me than anything so I could document things my boys are doing. Oh and Pman is eating now. Pears and rice cereal. The first few times were fun now it's kind of a chore. No wonder why so many 2nd time moms skip the cereal step.

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