Friday, November 28, 2008

I want to go from the Hotel

We went to Vicksburg for Thanksgiving. Vicksburg, Mississippi that is. Not Michigan. I had our bags packed and ready to go because I checked the weather online and I was prepared. Then I heard from my mom and J that I had packed the wrong things. That 29 degrees would be the high in Vicksburg over Tgiving. So I repacked both the boys and me and stressed about it and worried that we would all be freezing and that our winter wardrobe would not looked pulled together. We got on the road the temp gage in the car never dropped below 63, I don't think. Turns out that both my mom and J didn't realize there was also a Vicksburg, MICHIGAN!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! I was bugged but got over it.

So we drove and traveled with 2 little boys because my cousins gave me a guilt trip about coming. I am glad we went but it was hell on wheels. For a person with a low grade anxiety that has manifested in her body since the day her first child was born, traveling with 2 babies is a nightmare. Pman cried the whole last hour into Vburg and I told J that I would be drinking when I set foot on Mississippi soil.

"Well, the party doesn't start until 6", he said.
"My party starts as soon as I arrive", I retorted.

W ate yogurt and Hershey kisses, Fritos and tortilla chips and 2 bananas. The whole trip. He freaked out about the dog at lunch yesterday and Pman was overwhelmed by the company so didn't eat at all. He busted his chin once among other things. Last night was probably the worst, with W falling out of his bed (I know he is old enough to be sleeping in a big boy bed at home but he loves his crib) at the hotel at 2am when I heard BADUM BUM BUM and so we were up the rest of the night. This morning he said, "I ready to go from the Ho-tel." He took the words right out of my mouth.

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-e said...

okay, i am sooo glad the guilt trip worked, and just think.. next year traveling will be even easier! so go ahead and tell yourself you can do it. hopefully like labor you'll forget the bad and travel again! vicksburg, mi... who knew?!!!!