Friday, June 12, 2009

Full proof diet

I have found a foolproof diet for those willing to go to extremes. I had a root canal yesterday. and it will be 15 days until I get my crown. I can't eat on one side of my mouth until that happens.

It wasn't a fun experience. The doctor had to give 4 shots before I was finally pain free with her drilling way down into my tooth. Fun, I tell ya. But it's over and done. I can stop taking my antibiotics which to me means I can have that long awaited glass of wine but there is always a tradeoff. I can't really eat all that well and it will be 15 long days until I can truly enjoy my food again. The worst part is that we are going to J's college reunion where we were planning to eat the infamous EBA Chicken Sandwhich. I have heard about this freaking sandwich since I met him. and now, well, it will be a challenge to chomp down on a big ole sandwhich and still avoid the right side of my mouth. Needless to say, J is upset. But after only 3 meals, I am already feeling pretty darn skinny. Maybe Hot NOLAMom will appear this summer afterall!

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