Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

I was excited for Memorial Day weekend. With Holy Terror (HT) I mean Pman over here I was getting burned out and was really ready for a break-meaning 3 more helping hands. Pman loves Papa so I knew that would at least free me up a bit. You don't even know. Papa couldn't scratch his butt without Pman right there and although I know how exhausting that can be I was glad that it wasn't me for once.

We went up to the North Carolina mountains to visit Mimi and Papa. and like the mountains, overall it was a beautiful trip but we definitely had our ups and downs.

We left Friday morning on our big Road Trip with TV hooked up, snacks in the front and changes of clothes easily accessible. That was good thinking because Pman started vomiting about 2 hours into the drive and didn't stop the whole 12 hour drive. Turns out the poor little guy is prone to car sickness. Like W said, it was "gross".

But the minute we arrived he was so happy to see my parents that he forgot all about it. The boys slept in the same room and had quite a ball, albeit very little sleep. We went to the waterfall to take an annual photo and to the Inn for tea and cookies on the golf cart. The boys swung with Papa out on the back porch. I think that was one of the highlights. See for yourself.

They have an unbelievable playground and as always went several times to our favorite hangout for lunch.

The down side was that it rained every darn day so all of our adventures were in the rain. But it was fine. The boys got drenched down at the lake and got to to feed the donkeys. The plan was to ride in the cart behind them but it was too slippery. Too much liability worries goin' on these days. W is not much for animals, if you weren't aware but he did pet one of 'em if you want to call it that.

Mimi bought a big wheel for W last summer. He is really not an avid cyclist. He likes to sit on them but he never really moves. We are trying to encourage more activity to pump some energy into our lax little boy so we took him out to the driveway to practice his pedaling.

Bad idea.

Why, you ask? Well, at first he was having a great time. Pedalling down the gradual incline of the driveway until we moved him up to the bigger hill and CRASH! I was inside putting HT down at the time. I knew when I heard my dad's voice calling my name, something was wrong. I turn to see J running into the house holding a crying W and blood pouring down his face. It was awful. Everything turned out fine. We went to the ER (a fabulously pleasant experience. I have to say glad it was there and not here) and they cleaned the cut and glued it shut.

2 days later he busted it open and the whole scenario played out again at the ER. Minus the voluminous amounts of blood. so he got a layer of steri strips on top of the glue and we are good to go. Until the Sunday after we got home and it started bleeding. Back to the doctor, more steri strips and now I sometimes wonder what is under it all.

So like I said, it rained and rained and rained. We wanted to leave Wednesday b/c it was raining so much and it was starting to get depressing. But Tuesday afternoon it was so beautiful. It was cool and sunny for the first time since we had been there. So we packed up the kids in the golf cart, got our to-go cups of wine and went to check out the mountains and the sunset and were so giddy that we decided to stay to enjoy the sunny Wednesday that was only a night away.

We woke up to pouring rain. Go figure.

OH! and we went to a party on Sunday night where I spied a has-been celebrity going by another name. I wanted to say something to her along the lines of "you are a has-been celebrity and no one at this mountain town party is going to harass you for a signature or anything so enough with the fake name" but true to my kind nature, ha!, I didn't.

We got dramamine for Pman on the way home which worked like a charm. Why didn't I think of it myself? and did you know that it was originally developed to help with morning sickness in pregnant women. This J tells me after 2 long nauseous pregnancies.

Anway, like I said, we had our ups and downs and it hadn't rained like that in NC since I was a kid. J jokingly chalks it up to globing warming but it didn't stop the fun. So that's all she wrote! and I'll be back tomorrow.

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So who was the has been celebrity going by another name? I'm certainly curious!