Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What I had for breakfast.

This morning for breakfast I had
a piece of turkey
a slice of birthday cake
some grapes
and by the time we got to the cupcakes I was full.

If you didn't know, it's not W anymore. It's Chef W and that is what he gave me for breakfast. He loves to "cook" and more than anything "cooking" food for the rest of us. It really is quite adorable.

I am not sure where this new fascination came from. Maybe a Curious George episode but however it has come about it is a fabulous new stage. Last night he helped me cook pancakes for supper. (Pancakes for supper?! Yes, it's the first time he has ever had them and I get giddy when he tries a new food). He poured the ingredients in the bowl, helped me stir and ladled the batter into the pan and did a great job. Every morning he helps me make my iced coffee and is so proud of the final product. This afternoon I opened my new Giada's Kitchen: New Italian Favorites and found the chapter on meals to make with kids. He will be so excited. Next thing you know he will be cooking AND eating orrichiette with mini turkey meatballs!

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Anonymous said...

Pancakes for dinner is one of our favorites, especially when Daddy is working late! Jack uses his Paula Deen cookbook and helps me mix them. Your previous post about HT is like you were speaking my mind. Jane is our HT and Jack is the sweet one. As the pediatrician said, "why do you expect them to be the same? They are 2 different people." Yes, they most certainly are! I think we are just spoiled because our firstborn children are so sweet and we expected the second children to be the same way. But they are sweet in their own way. Hang in there!