Monday, June 08, 2009


I am going crazy. Today is the first day that W has stayed all day at school. I thought I would relish the fact that Pman is taking a nap early and I would have 2 hours to myself. The first 2 hours in a long long time. But I was wrong. It is killing me. Since 1 o'clock I have been counting down the minutes before I can go get my baby. I am sure he is doing fine. I haven't had a phone call to tell me differently but he's still so little and it's such a long time for him to be away. and to take a nap there! ugh! I keep thinking of him laying on the floor with a worried little look on his face and thinking to himself, "Why did she do this to me?" and I am thinking the same thing to myself. Why did I do that to him?

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