Monday, June 15, 2009

I don't have much time. Well, I do but I am in the middle of The Help
and cannot put it down for more than a few minutes while the kids are napping. So here is a synopsis of our weekend:

W had 104 degree temp Friday.
Picked up Superior Grill for supper and icy Margaritas, of course.
Watched He's just not that into you.
Fever broke Friday night.
Boys played in the little pool Saturday while we did yard work. I for once, made a weekend lunch at home. Turkey paninis.
Went for a good run.
Had an extremely satisfying meal at Rambla that night with friends.
Drank a nightcap when we got home with J.
Worked our really hard Sunday morning while the boys played in the pool.
We picked up Stein's deli (Fernando for me-mozzarella, prosciutto, pesto on Ciabatta for me, Turkey panini for J)
Champagne Sunday afternoon
Cooked disastrous pot stickers but succeeded at making a restaurant quality Orange Beef and Broccoli after watching it on Everyday Food.

and now I can get back to The Help!

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-e said...

okay, never mind. Obviously you know about THE HELP! I read it spring break and then had my friend read it. she was reading in the bleachers at our boys' baseball game! Isn't it wonderful! I am so glad you read it too!