Monday, March 03, 2008

Paranoia as a mom

The paranoia is setting in. W is sick. He woke up drenched in vomit on Saturday night-sobered me up real quickly. The poor thing was burning up and each day he cannot wait until naptime.
"Nigh Nigh?" he's asked 2 days in a row. I think he is on the mend though. he still has a fever but hopefully he will be well soon. But my gosh. I can't let it go. The thought of catching anything and everything that comes around the bend. The UPS man had a delivery today. Started talking about how his wife had the flu-"she has it bad". I wanted to burn the package, but it's my new bedding that I have searched high and low for. I'll just burn the box maybe and bleach my hands. It's awful to like this.

I'm constantly feeling Master P. Worried that he too will catch the bug. The poor baby-he will soon be as scared at the sight of a rectal thermometer and vaseline as W is. But so far so good. He's at 99.1 degrees but I think babies fluctuate and I took it after we had gone strolling, then for coffee in this hot weather, with a blanket on.

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Nola said...

Poor dearies! Hope things get better soon!