Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Hills Lauren Conrad on Letterman

I just watched my tivo of LC on David Letterman. She looks really good, btw. I guess the new season is starting on Monday. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! She's not working at Teen Vogue anymore and it sounds like neither is Whitney.


Anonymous said...

thanks for switching out the blue background. Guess I'm getting old cause I could barely read your blog for the past few days. This new color combo much more reader friendly.

oh, am I supposed to care about Lauren Conrad?

NolaMom said...

I know. I am so over formatting this blog. I am so not computer literate and wish I knew how to customize the whole thing myself. I just kind of randomly shuffle the colors every now and then hoping for a good combo. I don't really like the current colors but they are easy on the eyes.