Thursday, March 06, 2008

Losing weight and double ear infections

So we all go for our well checkups today. W has been sick so I was glad we were going. The dr. checked out Master P first and discovered he had a double ear infection. I feel horrible. I had no idea. He showed no signs of it and I just feel like a bad mother. On top of that he lost weight. Ugh! I told him how much I was feeding him (no wonder he was lapping up the cereal as if it was the only thing he ate all day). I guess my milk supply has dropped so I now have to supplement with formula. It's not that I mind giving him formula. I do every night and every so ofter after I have had more than a few pops, it's just that it extra work. Gosh, is that selfish. I would rather just quit nursing and give him formula all together.

So for all of you moms out there who feel guilty for screaming at their kids, just think of me. Atleast you are feeding them enough. After only 2 supplemental feedings he is a changed baby. Happy and full and cooing more than he ever has. Poor baby.

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