Monday, March 31, 2008

Before I had Master P I was worried how I could love another child as much as I love W. I just knew it wasn’t possible. People tell you it is, that you find the love somewhere and that it’s equal. Well, they were right. But it’s not the same. Of course, I love Master P as much but I love them both with a love that is unique to each one. I can’t explain it but I will try.

W is my baby. My very first baby and my little buddy. I love him like I love no other. I want to hold him and keep him close and never let him go. If only he would let me, right? I want to see what he will laugh at today. What he finds joy in, how many times he will stop playing to come in for a kiss, what new words he will master and what friends he makes at the park.

Master P is my baby. My little baby who I also love like no other. I want to hold him and protect him and cuddle with him. But more than that I want to stand back and watch him grow up because it goes by too fast. I want to watch him laugh at his brother. I want to see the world from his prospective. I want to see how many times it takes him to roll out of the room. I want to hear his big ole belly laugh from such a little baby. I want him to realize how much I love him. That’s he is not 2nd fiddle to W. I wish he were old enough to know that.

So if you’re pregnant with your 2nd child or scared to get pregnant for fear of the lack of love you’ll have, don’t worry because what you will have after the baby comes in double the volume of love, in 2 different varieties, a variety pack if you will, that fills up your heart. The way I love both of my boys is an amazing kind of love. But you just can’t compare them to each other. It’s like apples and oranges because neither two children nor the love you have for them are alike.

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-e said...

that was beautifully put.