Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reality TV Hog Heaven

I am in hog heaven right now. There are so many reality tv shows on right now that we barely have any tv downtime. Tivo is working overtime. But I think I am most excited about Top Chef. I love it and I feel like it's a bit more intelligent than the other ones. Of course there is always game play but it's not quite so out of control.

Paradise Hotel is totally trashy and cheesy. But I do love cheese.

And Big Brother could have 50 seasons and I would never tire of the drama.

Survivor is good. and I like it but I am not devastated if I miss it.

Take my poll in the sidebar. I would love to know if I am in the majority or if I am a total sleazebag reality tv junky alone.


Reality TV News Blog said...

I'd rank them as follows:
1. Big Brother
2. Paradise Hotel
3. Top Chef
4. Survivor
5. High School Reunion
6. Biggest Loser
7. Workout
8. American Idol
Don't forget about Gene Simmons Family Jewels - the new season has started.

-e said...

I am guilty, but it provides a much needed escape. Hands down, Top Chef is my favorite. I have not gotten into Survivor or Big Brother this season. I am a fan of High School Reunion and I have watched American Idol (I like Brook). I also am enjoying the AWFUL Housewives of New York.