Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Facebook: Are you a Fanatic?

I’m a Facebook fanatic (FF). I can’t help it. After several months of being a member I am a total junkie but like on day one I have no idea why. I mean, I have reconnected with some total blast-from-the-past friends which has been fun but otherwise I just don’t know. I have written about it before but it’s still on my mind. I think because I have been abandoning my Nola Mom duties and feel very guilty about it. They say that something isn’t a problem for you if it doesn’t interfere with other parts of your life-well, Facebook falls into that category. I even dream in Facebook-it is crazy-like I dream about typing in my status or dream about that someone else has added a “friend” But I guess I did the same with blogging when I first got on the bandwagon. If anyone can explain the addiction, why I just can’t stop, it would be greatly appreciated.

I went to a fundraiser, golly, I’m old, a few weeks before Gustav. J was talking to this guy he knew. A mutual friend of ours walked up and this guy says to her, “Oh my God, I’m addicted to Facebook!” and the sad thing was that I knew he looked familiar….from Facebook!!!! I swear to you that I ran into at least 3 acquaintances whom I would have otherwise ignored had they not been my “friends” on Facebook. Maybe it’s bringing me out of my shell a bit. I know I can come across as a total bitch when in reality it’s just a bit of lingering shyness and insecurity leftover from my teen years but Facebook has made me BOLD!!! Okay, I’m being a little silly but there is some truth to it.

Please, please, please, if you are a FF like me, chime in and let me know why you too are one.

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Anonymous said...

Facebook sounds like the new Dungeons & Dragons.