Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The new 90210

I missed the first show and I obviously missed a lot but am still addicted only after watching the other episodes. A few quick notes:

1. The brother-he says something on the first episode (I saw it on "previously on 90210") about how everyone in Kansas knew about his "adopted" story. Hello!!!!! You're black. You're parents are white. You don't think they are going to figure out your story in L.A.?

2. Brenda. She's looking pretty damn old. I am not an advocate of stuff like this usually but she's on 90210-get some botox. I do have to say that she is probably the best actress on the show.

3. Love Annie. Cute, likable, real.

4. Annie's mom. Wish I knew her name-you know the lady from Full House-like her but feel sorry for her that she's playing the mom.

5. Naomi. Kick her off the show. She sucks.

6. Ty. blah. He ekes me out. Looks too smallvillish and plastic.

7. Kelly. Glad she's back but what teacher wears a shirt cut down to her coochie?

8. Nat. Why oh why did they have to bring him back!?!

9. Brandon. I wish he were the father of Kelly's baby. Maybe Nat could sell Peach Pit to Brandon. That would kill 2 birds with one stone. Nat out, Brando in.


Anonymous said...

The return of Kelly and Brenda shows how little anybody cares about the females on the original series. Wouldn't the buzz be significantly greater if Brandon, Dylan or Steve Sanders made a triumphant return to the show? Kelly was a skank, and the whole wishy-washy Brandon versus Dylan thing dragged on too long, plus she was never good enough for either of them, particularly Brandon. Brenda was a nut-job, never very interesting except for her off-camera train wreck of a life, and now she's a little hard to look at with all her really bad plastic surgery. The only thing we can hope is that the show gains enough momentum to coax Brandon and/or Dylan out of retirement. Even Steve Sanders. But please don't bring back another retread female like Donna Martin or David Silver.

Anonymous said...

You know Steve Sanders is sitting around all day just waiting for the producers to ask him to join the show.

Anonymous said...

Brenda looks so bad in high definition that I'm going to have to switch to the non-hi-def channel every time she's on.

Anonymous said...

I predict that eventually they'll reopen the Peach Pit After Dark.

Anonymous said...

It's time to cut Brenda off the show. Then, they can phase Kelly out slowly. Those two add nothing to the show.

Anonymous said...

Donna Martin graduates!