Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I feel like I have 100 things going on when really it's only 2. My sweet baby's 1st year birthday and shopping for a wedding in a few weekends. I'm not a multi-tasker-I know we've talked about it before-so having 2 things on my plate makes my stress level go up. Not to mention the state of the stock market and all that is going on there although I do my best to not think about it while shopping for a fall wardrobe since I haven't really bought anything of substance since Pman was born.

I got sucked into the same shopping trap the other day that I always do. I am so frantic to find something to wear for all of these wedding festivities that I rush, rush, rush and buy the first thing that looks good on me. It was this dress. and I have to say I looked smokin' hot! I thought so and so did the saleswoman (so she said). I brought it home, gave J one of my weekend fashion shows that he so loves me for and he just smirked. He said he didn't like the fabric. That's all? You don't like the fabric, I thought? Men don't know anything about fabric so I wasn't worried until I talked to L.

"Oh. Ohhhhh. I know exactly the dress. Is that really you?" She told me she bought an earlier a version of the dress a few years back (well, she said she had 3 of them) and that she never wore it because although she looked damn good in it-it's really flattering, I have to say-it was just too cheesy to wear. Damn! She was right. I was telling my mom the story. She was laughing and J was listening. I said I didn't want to look cheesy. He said, or like a yat. Great. The truth comes out AFTER I already decided to return it.

So I've returned the dress, bought another one and am returning the 2nd one today. J told me it wasn't flattering. What is wrong with me? Has my sense of style gone out the window-just from being a mom?

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