Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holly Homemaker

Holly Homemaker, here! or you can just call me Nola Mom.

I am so proud of myself. Everything around here is slowly falling apart. I don't know if that comes with the territory of owning a house or it's just my house. I tend to think it's just this money pit but who knows. The latest catastrophe is that our Roman Shades in our bedroom are falling apart. The string popped and they've just kind of been hanging around. No pun intended. I thought about just getting new ones made but they really are too beautiful to throw away (they came with the house) So TODAY I decided to get my handy ladder out and tie the strings back together. I retied the string at the bottom, strung it up through the loops to meet the top end and tied them together. I had to get to the tippy top of the ladder to do it and I was scared. Really. I am not handy and I don't know how to do alot of things but I was bound and determined to figure this out. Turns out I can buy a whole new string for Roman Shades. Who knew!? You're probably not sharing in my enthusiasm right now but for someone like me who just doesn't do anything around here for lack of knowing how, this was a big step. I'll keep you posted. I know you'll be hanging by a thread!!!! waiting to find out what happens.

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