Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Milestones

I've failed miserably as a mom. I haven't kept up with the LB's milestones as much as I should have. Katrina reeked havoc on my intentions. Not that I didn't document them. Every new tooth, and crawl and step is written somewhere. Either on this blog, in one of the million random notebooks I have around the house or on a piece of paper. It's written down but I don't know necessarily where. I am trying to be better with Master P although I don't even have a baby book for him. Out of the stationery business, out of mind. But I will do it here for now. At the end of 9 months, Pman FINALLY has a tooth-or atleast half of one. AND he finally crawled today on July 29th. (I didn't think it would ever happen especially after W crawled at 6 months) if only 3 steps or whatever you want to call the hand to knee motion. 3-and then he got back on his stomach. He crawled one step early this morning but the 3 steps came this afternoon when W was sleeping. I had a hunch it would happen when big brother was not around to bug the hell out of him. and it did. He was hell bent on getting W's golf club and it obviously warranted a few crawl steps. YAAAAY!!!!! So we are moving along and let this be the official recording.

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