Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tonight was the night that I was going to transform W into a good eater. I am sooo tired of making 2 dinners or just 2 dinners that require preheating the oven and waiting 30 minutes for the pizza or the chicken nuggets. Tonight W was going to eat carrots and noodles. I steamed the carrots while he was napping and tossed them in butter and salt. They tasted like candy. The noodles I tossed in butter, parmesan cheese and salt and they were delicious. and I gave him 4 potato chips for a lagniappe.

He ate the 4 potato chips. and I didn't give in. He wanted more chips. "After you have 1 carrot and 2 bites of noodles."
He wanted yogurt. "After you have 1 carrot and 2 bites of noodles."
He gave up. He wanted to get down. I made him sit at the table until he had 1 carrot and 2 bites of noodles. No dice, mama. I started to cave. I told him he could get down. Frustrated I told him, "I don't care. If you're not hungry you can get down"
5 minutes later. I want a nana. "After you have 1 carrot and 2 bites of noodles."
J came home. I gave him the speel. The broken record technique.
I went running, came back and J went running.
"I want a nana."
"you can have a nana AND yogurt covered raisins....IF you have 1 BITE of carrot." At this point I had shown my weakness. The war was his to win but I still had some fight left in me. I told him I would take a bite of carrot if he would take a bite at the same time. There I sat with a carrot in my mouth trying to get him to take a bite from the other end. Hysterical laughter, from W. I HAD HIM!!!! or so I thought. I crawled around the floor like an idiot chasing after W with a carrot hanging out of my mouth. Thank God J was running. The story goes on but how did it end, you ask?
He had 4 potato chips, a bowl of goldfish and a banana for dinner.

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