Friday, July 11, 2008

Today we went to the coffee shop. It's been awhile because we've been doing a lot of swimming but I needed a break from exposing my pale white fat thighs in a bathing suit so we did coffee instead. It doesn't have the same allure to W as it did when he was 18 months but he enjoyed his cookie just the same. When it was gone he used one of my techniques on me.
"Five more minutes", he said. Meaning that it was almost time to go and he was giving me a warning. 2 minutes later he said,
"Les go"

There was a mom and kid (probably W's age) having coffee and bagels. She rushed him on out of there after she had slathered the bagel with cream cheese. He could barely keep up as she rushed out the door and he dropped his bagel cream cheese side down. He was sad and she hadn't realized what had happened until she saw my face. So she walked back in, said, "I told you to use 2 hands!", picked up the bagel, took a napkin and gave the top layer of cream cheese a once over. I was horrified. Like she couldn't either a. get another one or b. get the other half out and slather it with the cream cheese. Where was she going in such a rush?

Then I remembered...the day that W was shaking his bag with his newly bought muffin. It fell out and skidded across the floor. Boy, I was peeoed. I told you not to shake it!!!! So I picked it up and promptly picked off the top of the muffin. I wasn't in a rush. Nope, no place to go either. So there you have it. Here I was judging this poor lady and I had basically done the same thing 2 months earlier. Judge not lest ye be judged. Is that the expression?

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