Monday, July 14, 2008

I know I’m not nice. I don’t claim to be although a dream of mine is to be described as “joyful”. I know that’s pretty far fetched too but I’m not rude. I can be, like most people and probably come across as such more often than not but I really do make an effort to meet other moms with kids my same age. In the park, at the pool, at the mall or coffee shop and it seems all I come across lately are rude ones. I know I blogged about this when W was a baby. I thought maybe it was a “new mom with first child syndrome”. I thought I was coming across moms with their 2nd children so they didn’t really give a crap about us new moms. They thought maybe we were too giddy and excited for their experienced and jaded selves. But being a mom with a second child now I find that I am not like that. I get so excited to come across other moms with babies who are Pmans age. whether they are first timers or not. I ran across one last night. I asked her how old her baby was. Same age as P. Yay! Let’s talk about milestones, I thought! Her baby was clearly walking and moving around where Pman is just barely sitting and not even crawling. She scowled at me and moved on. Whatever. It seems things never change.

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