Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Decorating nightmare

I want to puke every time I think about decorating this house. I can pour through magazines and show you a bunch of oh so sophisticated rooms that I just love but when it comes to actually pulling it all together-well, I suck. I hired a decorator after Pman was born and she sucked. I spent too much money on a whole lot of nothing. Now it's been a year and half and it's high time we stop living like this. I feel like I'm in college although we don't have any futons, thankfully. I think J had one when we got married but that went out with his bachelorhood.

So anyway, I scour the web for ideas and went to my favorite shop when in Cashiers but after the last fiasco I am dead scared to buy anything. I am frozen from fear. I can't even buy a pillow. But I have become reacquainted with decor8 on the internet. I don't necessarily like her ideas but her blogroll and sidebar links have a lot of good resources. Not that I am buying from them because as I said before, I'm scared. I also remembered Hable Construction. They have cool hand printed fabrics and pillows for the more casual rooms. Great stuff for that beach house in Cabo San Lucas we will buying (right, J?). and maybe our family room.


Anonymous said...

I have never owned a futon.

decor8 said...

I'm so glad that you find my links helpful! :)