Friday, November 07, 2008

All this posting about Obama and I haven't participated. I don't know enough about politics to write intelligently about it. I know who I voted for and why I voted for him. I was terribly hopeless after the election but I received an email from a friend, William Vanderbloemen. It's called a Devo (short for devotional) and he is an inspirational writer. It's very relevant and made me feel better. Here it is. Oh, and you can sign up for his Devo's below. Hopefully the link works.

November 7, 2008

About Tuesday Night....

Dear dEvo Family,

The initial sounds of Tuesday night are over, but the echoes will be heard for ages.

I know that politics and religion don't mix. That is why I never write about the two together. I know that some of you will be angry that I would write about our election. But this week supersedes politics and is worth reflection.

For a moment, put aside your political preferences and think about what America witnessed Tuesday night.

Not too long ago, Rosa Parks was sent to jail for her election not to sit in the back of the bus. Tuesday, we elected a black man to the driver's seat of our country and the free world. I hope that you can feel at least one goose bump. I sure did.

Why? Because for a moment, we were able to believe that all things are possible in our country.

Debates and challenges will come soon enough. But today, we can enjoy a moment of hope. Let me encourage you to do two things.

First, pray for President-elect Obama. He is our new leader and God would have us do no less. Pray for his family. For his leadership. For his ability to govern us through a difficult time.

Even more importantly, pray that God use this week's hope to remind you of your eternal Hope in Christ. Presidents come and go. Nations rise and fall. But there is a hope that comes from a well deeper than one election and one moment in time. There is a hope that whose source is One who was here before all else, and will be with you until the end.

Maybe the doctor has said there is no cure for you. Christ the healer will be your hope. Maybe the world says you cannot climb out of the pit you are in. He will be the hope that lifts you out. He is hope for relationships that seem doomed. Hope for those beaten down. Hope for those who think they are at the end of the line.

And when you and I have breathed our last, even when time finally falls exhausted at the gates of Glory, His hope will only be beginning.

Remember this week and the possibilities it has shown us. And let this week point you toward a hope that springs eternal.




Sara said...

I gave you an award today. Come by and check it out and dole out yourself if you want! Love reading your blog!


-e said...

I love that! Thank you.