Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Boy, today has been a day. Everything was a struggle. Don't get me wrong it could have been worse but it just felt like I was going uphill the whole day.

I won't get into why or how I got so tired. But the fighting to get Pman dressed, to change his diaper, to keep him occupied at the grocery, to get him to stop crying after a 20 minute nap was just part of it. By the time we all got home from W's soccer practice I thought I was going to cry. J mentionned that I seemed frazzled and that I was. Like I said, it's nothing I can explain just a day in the life. I love what I do, being a mom, but somedays after a sleepless night I am just done. Today was one of those days. At 5:30 I couldn't see straight and I could't imagine fighting one last time with Master P to get him ready for bed. and then just when you think you'll never reach the other side of that really big hill.....

I went to get Pman ready for bed and miraculously he was relatively cooperative. We sat down in the glider in the darkened room to sing our songs and say our prayers and I hear W from the bathroom saying to his dad, "I have to go sing with Mama and Pman" So he came in and crawled up on the chair with us and we sang. I kissed them both during You Are My Sunshine and W leaned over to kiss Pman. Then Pman leaned in for a kiss from me and then for another one from W and he said, "Ki". He nuzzled into my shoulder and then into W's and we all were huddled together in one glorious hug. The song was done and W said goodnight and ran off to J for his "nigh nigh routine". I will go up a steep hill any time if I get that on the other side.

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