Friday, November 07, 2008

Rainy Day in New Orleans

No school again for the LB so when I woke up this morning and it was raining I wanted to pull my hair out. At 8am I quickly got him dressed (Pman went in his pj's-hey redneck) and took off for the park because I knew we would be stuck inside the rest of the day.

We ran into a friend with a dog. W of course freaked and Pman nearly jumped out of my arms to get to him. It's crazy how different their personalities are. Anyway, it started to drizzle so we came home. P took his nap. I was going over several different possibilities for the day and they all seemed like such a hassle in the rain

1. Lakeside (so I could run some errands)
2. Children's Museum (blah, paying to park, getting them in strollers, walking in the rain)
3. Monkey Room (never been so still kind of reticent and not too sure what to be excited about). 4. Parenting Center

I settled on the Parenting Center in my mind. Then W said, "I want to go to Whole Food." Is this pitiful or what? I almost succumbed because I thought how easy it is to go there when it is raining with 2 kids. But I didn't.

The Parenting Center was great. I know I have had my moments of PC bashing in the past but W hadn't been in so long so it was all new to him. Pman cannot get enough and I get to sit and sit and sit and talk to other parents if I want to. Oddly enough there were twin 3 year olds so I didn't feel like we were invading baby turf. So that's my tip for a rainy day. If your kids are under 4 don't forget about it. and rumor has it it will be moving soon to a better and bigger place WITH a lot of parking.

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