Thursday, November 13, 2008

If you know of anyone looking to hire a short order cook send them my way. I have a wealth of experience. I know I acquired this skill on my own and W has just adapted pretty well to the situation but I am sick of it. and I know that you are not supposed to fight about food. If you do you are setting them up for major food issues. I agree somewhat but at what point does a mom say enough is enough. I don't expect W to eat every single bite of what I put in front of him but there has got to be a way to get him to try new foods. Because my point is that I know he would like most things if he would just at least try them. Everything he eats takes a major effort to cook. He won't eat sandwiches and he won't eat what we eat so I am now making 3 different suppers. I guess I could make Pman eat what W eats but I don't really want P just eating grilled cheese, crackers or yogurt. So 3 dinners it is.

And I am really am a "short" order cook. First of all, I'm really short - 5'2". Second of all when I ask W what he wants for supper or lunch he says nothing and then 5 minutes before bedtime he starts asking for chicken nuggets or a grilled cheese. Drives me bananas.

The past 2 nights he has gone to bed hungry because of this issue and I have stopped letting him go to town on a bag of goldfish. It makes my night pretty miserable. I feel terrible about it and maybe after a few nights I will give in but for now it's my only option.

I have yet to find a viable solution. I welcome all of yours.

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