Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lauren Conrad:Star of The Hills

J and I got a wild hair last night and got a babysitter at the last minute. We got snazzied up and took off downtown for a few drinks at the bar at Emeril's. The Best Margarita in Town! Anyway, after a few ritas we decided to eat and luckily scored a table at the last minute. It was only Tuesday. We were laughing and flirting and then....guess who walked in....dressed to the nines, looking fabulous with a super hot date? LC. For those of you out of the loop-it was Lauren Conrad from The Hills. OMG! I was so excited I could barely contain myself. AND they sat them right next to us. I was feeling pretty bold after 2 margaritas and a few glasses of wine so I went over and said hello, introduced myself. She was so so so nice. We finished dinner at the same time and they invited us to go back and party with them at their hotel (can't tell you where because I don't want any trouble). OMG! We called the sitter, asked her if it was ok if we were late and whooped it up big with LC and her date (can't tell you who it was). We danced, we drank Champagne, we chatted and exchanged emails! Needless to say I am very hungover. It was a hard morning to say the least but well worth it. She was in N.O. doing a promotion for her clothes line. and to top it off she is going to send me one of her dresses! I still feel like I am dreaming. That's because I am dreaming. I wish our life was even that mildly exciting.

We actually went to W's soccer practice, cooked stirfry, dealt with a tantrum over what he wanted to eat, gave both boys baths and then put them to bed. Then we watched Big Fat Loser and 90210 and then went to bed. Snooze.


Anonymous said...

Was LC with Brody?

-e said...

You had me going! I was thinking you are so cute and funny of course LC loved you!