Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blue jeans:wear or wash?

A few weeks ago I inadvertently was listening to Big D & Bubba on the radio. I hate them but the car radio was tuned to their station and I just didn't change it. I don't know why. They were conducting a survey about blue jeans. The question of the day was whether it was okay to where jeans more than once before washing them. Not very interesting, I didn't think, until I heard the majority of the answers. Most people thought it was okay to wear them max 2 times but after that it was disgusting. and they were really disgusted. That is what I found interesting. Maybe I am disgusting but I can't count the times I wear my jeans before washing them. Denim is pretty durable, you can't really see stains and I wear......them......out. Of course if I have just gone to Superior Grill where you leave smelling like body odor I am barely in the door before they are off my body and in the wash. I need to know what my fans think. Am I just plain dirty or does anyone else share my opinion?


Sara said...

No, I'm with you. I wear them until Big Monkey can't stand to be around me anymore!


Anonymous said...

Jeans can be worn several times between washings as long as you don't go to a smelly or smokey place.