Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bored and Boring

I'm afraid I have gotten boring. and I don't like the feeling. A friend called yesterday who I hadn't talked to in eons and she asked what was going on. Not much. That's all I could say. I mean, really, does anyone else really want to hear that we're potty training over here, or that Pman lost his shoe at Target yesterday? or how about that W is still wishing me Happy Birthday and my birthday was yesterday. Do they want to hear that Porter said his name for the first time. Do they want to know that I was waiting with baited breath to watch The Bachelor season finale or that I was in them middle of cooking eggs for the baby. I just don't think they do. Not because I wouldn't want to hear it. I love hearing the mundane going ons of other peoples lives but I don't think most people do which is why I haven't written much lately.

I went on a "bender" this weekend because it was my birthday but today I am back to no drinking and eating healthy. Boooooring.

Do we start taking salsa lessons? or start throwing crazy wild parties? I know a lot of people swing around here-hey hey!- but that's DEFNITELY not for me. But I am not sure how to make my life more exciting. Don't get me wrong. I am undeniably happy, just a little boring.


Sara said...

Lets start a NOLA moms bloggers club for some excitement. Do we know any others Uptown?

Mary Kent said...

are you shitting about the swinging? am I that oblivious/naive?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank NOLAMOM for causing me to watch the last half of the Bachelor finale and the after the rose special. Not only did it take up 90 minutes of my life, but now that I know what is going on, I need to click and read about the news updates about whats going on with Molly, etc.


NolaMom said...

I'm up for a bloggers club. What does it entail?

I am joking about the swinging, MK,obviously but you never know what people are doing these days!

and your welcome to LB.

Sara said...

Not sure what a bloggers club would entail. Do we know any other NOLA mom bloggers who would want to come? Maybe we could set a meeting time, post it, invite the few we know and see who shows?