Monday, March 09, 2009

HOOOOOO-RAY! for swimming

This parenting thing, it can be frustrating. More than half the time I am pulling my hair out while treading through some developmental milestone or trying to master a new skill with one of the boys. and we've had some rough times. Boy Howdy. But when you finally get to the other side and they realize that they too are glad they learned to do it after the fact-it's like a big HOOOOOO-RAY! And we all jump up and down and do it the hooray thing together. It's quite fun. The most memorable issue is the potty training. and as everyone knows we are still working through the #2 portion of it all but what keeps me going is that I know when we have success we will have the biggest HOOOOO-RAY! and poo poo on the potty dance that any mom has ever seen and it will all have been worth it. I can't wait!

The latest is the swimming. I am desperate for W to swim this summer so we have him enrolled in lessons right now. He has an immense fear of water. It's not for lack of exposing him to swimming pools. We've done lesson after lesson at this place. We spent the majority of the summer at a pool but still the fear is there. I don't know how it happened but today, TODAY, was the big HOOOOOO-RAAAAAY! He didn't shed one tear. He jumped off the side twice and glided through the water. He floated on his back and kicked his legs, all with the help of his amazing teacher, of course, but he did it. It's interesting because most kids this age love to blow bubbles and I have never seen W blow bubbles. He's not very good at blowing in general-like candles or soap bubbles. He lets his teeth get in the way. The teacher said the same thing- He won't blow bubbles on top of the water but it's the darndest thing. She says he regulates his breathing (meaning he blows bubbles) under the water. Instinct I guess. So please, if you have the time, take a minute for one big HOOOOO-RAY!

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