Tuesday, March 24, 2009

W is the sweetest kid around. believe me, he has his moments and usually they are with Master P but for the most part he is sweet to him too. and he ALWAYS shares his snacks with him in the car. "Here P, I will share my goldfish with you."

Today we went to the zoo after school. My mom insisted even though it is one of my only days this week that I had to myself. So we went and W hasn't been feeling to hot-something with his stomach- and isn't eating. I fed Pman before we left and brought some goldfish for W in case he wanted something to eat. I ended up giving them to P and he was happily scarfing them down on the way home. Then W asked him for a goldfish. I turned around only to see Pman cut his eyes around and not respond. He asked again and Pman said, "No."

We all thought that we just hadn't heard Pman right. He isn't fully talking, just one word here and there and he responds to things mainly by doing unless it's a yes answer so I asked him myself just to be sure we weren't crazy.

"Pman, can you share your goldfish with W?"

He said it again, "No." Plain and simple, he knew what he was saying. and then he just started saying it again and again finally ending with an "Uh Uh!"

It was a major moment in big brother and little brother history and strangely it said a lot about how Pman is going to be. Definitely not the sweet sharer that W is. But I tell you one thing, W is going to catch on fast. What comes around goes around Little Man.

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