Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The past week or so the boys have been really enjoying each other. Of course, sweet W has always kind of taken care of Pman but they seem to be truly bonding. Master P laughs incessantly at W's antics and W gets his share of laughter from Pman's silly doings. A most common refrain we hear is "Pman is funny." Which he is. and "doing!" which means Pman is doing something really funny. Tonight it was Master P who had the giggles as W was playing the peekaboo game with him.

I pray every night that J and I have the wisdom and knowledge to know how to encourage this brotherly love. W often helps me soothe P when he is upset. If he doesn't do it automatically I always enlist his help. I hope by encouraging this behavior now it will continue into their manhood. and if they have each other to go to when they are men I will be the happiest mom around.

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