Friday, August 01, 2008

Hot summer in New Orleans

There are days when I just can't get it together to get both boys dressed and ready to go to the pool. The thought of it makes me want to get back in bed. We have a great time once we are all there but getting there and 'getting gone' are too much. So the past week we've been lolling around the blowup pool, me included. They don't really seem to mind. There are many perks.
1. we can have it all to ourselves
2. we can come and go as we please
3. we don't have to share our buckets and shovels
4. we can pour water on each others heads and laugh loud and hard and splash as hard as we want
5. I can be a total redneck and keep Pman in his swim diaper and don't have to worry about his bathing suit sagging or anyone else judging us (well except for you, dear fans).

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