Wednesday, August 27, 2008

People are REALLY freaking about Gustav now. I still don't have the itch to evacuate. For some strange reason I feel like we won't have to so here I sit. Not doing anything. We have no water. We use a frickin' water pitcher that I can't stand but that's another story. We have no snacks. Well, I did buy goldfish when I had to make a mad dash to the grocery right before nap time but that's it. I am SURE we have soup because J buys a buttload every time he goes to the grocery. (I am sure I have written a post about his soup buying obsession but I can't seem to find it.)

J told me to get wine in case we needed to hunker down for a tropical storm. We have wine but I guess he was talking about good ole drinking wine because the bottles we have are from my dad that we know are good but are scared to drink them because we don't know just how good. Anyway, You think I would have done that first thing but my friend C who is freaking out went and bought a "few jugs". Jugs? Who cares. We'll just have to go to her house after we drink what we have here. So that's it. What I do know is that I am going to enjoy myself if we do have to leave. I am going to drink and whoop it up and not stress out about any of it since last time I got the short end of the stick having just been 10 days out from a c-section.

and besides the fact we won't really know anything until it gets into the Gulf and that won't be until at least Saturday. So go into a freakin' frenzy if you have to. Jam up into the grocery stores with everybody and their mother which never made sense to me. I mean if it's coming you are going to leave, right? If it's not than water and soup shouldn't be a problem and if we get the side effects of it, enough to leave us without drinking water and such-aren't you just going to go somewhere that has water? Anyway, maybe if you know something I don't know, I'd appreciate it if you would let my lazy ass know as I sit here at home with no water, a bit of soup and no wine.

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