Monday, August 25, 2008

Holy Tantrum

I think school is wearing the LB out. Once we got home I wasn't quite sure I picked up the right kid and I felt like I was on a show about kids who throw violent tantrums. It was crazy- a lot of crying and screaming-yes and no was the answer to everything including whether he wanted to watch Elmo. W never uses Elmo and No in the same sentence. I figured he was so tired that he didn't know what he wanted but he wouldn't willingly go upstairs so I carried his 30 pounds of dead weight to his room and into his bed. He immediately started humming his pacifiers at me.

Wait, What? Who are you?, I thought as I ducked the oncoming fire of pops pops.

I gave him a chance, picked them up and put them back in the bed thinking that if he threw them out again this would be a good chance to just get rid of them altogether. All of this was accompanied by violent, blood curdling screaming and running across the crib to throw himself up onto the other side. I was really scared he was going to hurt himself but there was no soothing him. Now, you have to understand the only other tantrums W has thrown have been mild ones in which he cried non-stop. Other time he would simply go straight on me when it was time to leave or go somewhere. So this craziness was totally out of character. After about 20 minutes of this I heard him say, "Please, Mommy." over and over again. At this point he had calmed down enough to talk to me straight. He was in his crib, pants and socks off, blanket and monkey and bunny rabbit and 5 of his pop pops that he only gets in bed, all on the floor. He asked me politely to turn his light on, which I did and then he asked for every item one by one.
Blue pop pop, please.
Yellow pop pop, please.
Green pop pop, please.
Other blue pop pop, please.
Blanket please.
Monkey, please.
Bunny rabbit, please.
Socks on, please.
Pants on, please.
Back in night night, please.
By this time I was sweating but the tantrum was over and he quietly went to sleep.
Talk about a Holy Tantrum.


Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Oh my goodness! My little toddler man drives me crazy with his tantrums and I have never witnessed anything quite like that. I'm glad your little one calmed himself down and got some much needed rest.
You must have felt like grabbing a nap yourself. :)

(visiting from MBC)

NolaMom said...

I was sweating by the end of it all but I have to say that he woke up in the most pleasant mood so all is forgiven.