Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whoopin' it up weekend

Whew! The weekend is over and I'm alive but barely. It was an unexpectedly big one. Friday night we did the usual Friday night supper with RaRa and Dodo. We always whoop it up in a tame kind of way with kids. Saturday we went to Emeril's first for drinks and appetizers. THE BEST MARGARITAS you will ever have, before going to the Chairish the Children Fundraiser for the Children's Museum. We were fully expecting to leave early so we could go eat somewhere afterwards. I mean who really intends on whoopin' it at a fundraiser? Well, we did and big time. Let me just say our Sunday was very unproductive. We did a lot of eating and sleeping.

We ended up at Superior Grill again today. We haven't been as regular since I got deathly sick a few months ago but we're back at it and lovin' it. Here's W eating his Guacamole. (I'm having a problem with my camera lately. All of my pictures all blurry)

So needless to say I am feeling pretty happy after a fun weekend. Life is good. Except for hearing W screaming while his dad washes his hair. Is anyone else having this problem? It's a new phobia for him. He screams and cries and hyperventilates no matter how you wash his hair. It's very unnerving. We welcome any tips.

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