Friday, February 27, 2009

Note to self

Do NOT,under any circumstances, go to the Zoo on the Friday after Mardi Gras. Why? Because you will be standing in line with 2000 school children on field trips. Doesn't matter if you have a membership card or not, you will still be part of the total disorganization.

DO send a email to Audubon Institute asking them to institute a new policy of posting online when 2000 school children are coming to the zoo so that you will never ever have deal with the hell again.

DO NOT bring a potty training child to the zoo if they have not mastered #2.
DO tell your potty training child that they cannot pee at noon in the restaurant. It's when they clean the bathrooms.


Sara said...

You asked which Half Marathon I'm doing on my blog a few days ago. I'm going to do the Nashville Country Music Marathon. I saw your favorite music is country! Mine isn't but I still think it will be a blast. We are going to drive and stay with friends so we'll be able to save $ that way.

Anonymous said...

That's our taxpayer dollars at work.