Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Aquarium-Done it.

I've Done it. I've taken the LB to the Aquarium. My parents swore up and down how much he loved it. He doesn't have me so convinced. Maybe it was too close to his naptime but he was not all that interested. He was more into eating his goldfish than he was to watching the ones there. and I have to admit, I was none to impressed. I've never really liked it-it always made me dizzy, it still does and well, it's just fish (the sharks were cool and the itty bitty jellyfish were interesting). I also cannot stand the field trips. The zoo is the same way. It's stuffed full of so many school field trips that you feel like you are getting lost in the shuffle and you have to rudely shove your way past to get anywhere. I think they need to have a day set aside when they don't allow field trips. The whole thing is just not my thing. That can be Mimo and Papa's special outing with the LB. I'll still go to the zoo because it's close, you don't have to pay 8 bucks to park and you don't feel guilty leaving after 45 minutes if you're over it.

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