Thursday, May 17, 2007

I don't know if the weather surprised all of us today or just W and me but we were pleasantly so. We both had an extra spring in our step. Just look how excited W was to be playing outside in it. The park is so predictable that I think even the LB is getting bored so we mixed it up today and instead of going to the park after coffee we came home and played in the yard.

I had 3 hours to do "stuff" today and it always amazes me how quickly it goes by. Never enough time. Half of it was spent at Walmart. The good part about it was that I got W a new swimming pool. We had a big, fancy 20 dollar one. Have I mentionned it before? It took 2 hours (no exaggeration) for the electric pump to blow it up and another hour to fill it. Then to drain it took an hour. Too much maintenance fore me.
Fancy Pool
But with the dog days of summer coming I wanted an easy, convenient cheap way for the Little Buddy to cool off. Walmart to the rescue. It's so easy to get suckered into all the backyard gear. I almost got sucked it again and bought a blow up water playland complete with a slide a wading pool, a sitting pool and circus animals, again $20, but I came to my senses and ended up with the $7.99 pop up pool. No assembly required. It's not perfect. The walls were kind of wavy and the bottom was a bit wrinkled but it did the trick

So hopefully the weather will hold out through the weekend so that J can enjoy that extra bounce in the LB's step in between hours working.

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