Friday, May 18, 2007

I met him when I was 3 and he is still my friend. He has stuck with me through thick and thin. Through sickness and health, through joy and tears. I can't really explain how much he means to me. He is not as healthy as he once was. He's older and his hygiene has something to be desired, but I love him him like no other.

It's Snoopy. My great aunt gave him to me. He's not the mass marketed snoopy dolls that everyone had that you could dress. I had one of those. My Snoopy is a bean bag. I slept with him every night, probably until I was into my late 20's. He doesn't have ears, has one eye and not even many beans left. He once was white, now he's a dirty grey. I stopped bringing him on trips because he slowly leaks beans. My other friends used to hide him from me and one time hung him by the ceiling fan and turned it on. It was just jealousy. Now he sits on my mantel in the bedroom watching over us. I feel guilty though. When people ask that question, "What would you take in case of a fire?" my answer was undoubtedly Snoopy (this was before the LB's time, obviously) But when the time came (there was a fire in one of the townhouses where we used to live and we had to get out quickly in the middle of the night) I didn't take him. I took W, of course. I know he would understand. He's groomed me for this job. Showed me how to love and care for someone unconditionally. I often think about sharing him with the LB but Snoopy is in such a state of disrepair that I think it's best to keep him where he is. But he makes me wonder if W will have something that he loves as much. He wasn't interested in stuffed animals until recently but lately he's become attached to Mr. Teddy Bear. My mom bought Mr. Teddy Bear for him before he was born. He hugs and kisses him and offers him to me to kiss. If he's anything like Snoopy he's got a good friend for life.

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