Sunday, May 06, 2007

St. Louis and the Mexican Fiesta

I feel like I've been out of pocket for years. We went to J's Dad's Surprise Birthday party last week in St. Louis. W had a great time meeting his aunt and uncles and cousins. There are so many of them that it's hard to get them all in one place at once. Being in St. Louis makes you realize how different New Orleans is. Good and bad. The lawns are huge and pristine and it's cleaner than you knew any city could be. But I do have to say that New Orleans has a grit that you just have to love.

W is a great flyer. Knock on wood. He'll have one more flying trip this summer and I don't want to jinx myself. He sat on J's lap and ate goldfish and colored there and back. I think he had a good time.

So we're back. We've been going to the park and stuff. Mimo and Papa took him to the Aquarium last week. They said he giggled at the fish and touched a big ole snake-twice. I know, I should take him there but it's such a hassle.

Last night we had a Mexican Fiesta. J made his famous Green Chile Enchilada's. I made margaritas and a strawberry and candied almond salad. Uncle Bob made the best seven layer dip-believe me when I say that this isn't your mother's seven layer dip. It was so fresh and deep and spicy and sassy. Aunt Liz made chocolate souffles with caramel sauce. It was a first try and they turned out beautifully. I tried to download a photo but for some reason I can't. Anyway, the story goes like this:

It was her first try. She didn't know that you couldn't make souffles ahead of time. Who does? They rose perfectly and then she read on the recipe: Serve immediately. Oops. So by the time she got them here they were flat. But still they were the best souffles I've ever had-better than Commanders-just without the poof.

The Little Buddy enjoyed the beginning of the fiesta. He dug into the chips and choked. Aah! IT FREAKED ME OUT. I never used to let him have chips for that very fear but the past few weeks I have noticed other moms letting their toddler eat them so I have gotten kind of lax. He never finished one-he took a bite and gave the rest to me only to grab another from the bowl. And then he choked. Luckily he threw up-everywhere. I hugged him to me for dear life and when I knew he was okay rushed upstairs to put him in the bath before he could lick the remainder of it off of his hands and face. Blah. No more chips for W.

Our plan was to invite others for the big fiesta but J's Green Chile Enchilada recipe only serves four and he wasn't totally confident yet to double the recipe. If you ask me he had no reason not to be. They truly are authentic, masterful enchiladas. Although now we know that one enchilada per person is enough and we would have had plenty to go around.


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