Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Bachelor-Tessa and Danielle

I am calling it already. Yes, even before seeing the home town dates. Tessa and Danielle will be the last two standing. Bevin is waaaaay too desperate. Although I don't find what's his name to be the best looking bachelor, and although a bit dorky, I do like him and I find that he sees through all the crap. I don't think he will care when Bevin tells him she's divorced. Let me rephrase. If it weren't for all the melodrama she is creating over her divorce, I don't think he would think twice about it. I really do like Amber but I am worried about her hometown date. Now this is strictly judging from the previews that show her crying over the fact that her family won't meet the bachelor (what is his name!? I'm drawing a blank) but I have a feeling that it will be too much for the bachelor.

We'll see how accurate my predictions are tomorrow.

Oh and this just in from Reality TV News Blog. Amber's principal at the school where she teaches got demoted for letting her go on The Bachelor.

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Anonymous said...

Bevin is history.