Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

So far my 2nd Mother's Day has been fantastic. I slept until 8:30 and J got up with the LB. Then I walked around the park alone. Not that I didn't want J and W to come with me it's just that the more pregnant I get the more of a hassle it is to not only get the jog stroller in the car (if my lazy butt decides to drive rather than walk to the park) but pushing it around seems a lot harder when I'm walking around alone. So I had a nice brisk walk with my own thoughts. We went to a Mother's Day brunch before W went down for a nap.

My two boys got me a PJ's gift card! YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! That really made my day. My coffee costs $2.46 per day. and I feel chintzy not leaving the rest in the tip jar but now with my gift card it won't even be an issue. I penny saved....Oh, speaking of....One morning when we were leaving the coffee shop I saw shiny quarter. I bent down to pick it up. Someone had glued it to the sidewalk. I felt stupid but since, it has brought endless entertainment to W when we sit outside in the morning. Not to mention that it has brought endless entertainment to me watching all the idiots like me bend down and try to pick it up. I swear someone somewhere is watching us all on a hidden video camera.

When I got back from the park there were more presents waiting for me. A gift certificate to Belladonna Day Spa and a load of flowers. A good day so far.

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