Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bachelor-can''t decide if he shocked me or not

First of all-I've called Danielle and Tessa as the last two standing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. But I think I am a bit shocked that Bevin is one of the final three. I think her past threw him for a loop and if that didn't do it, her crying father wouldn't have made me want to throw her out the window as far as I could throw her. Not to mention the wierd mom's painting that she gave to both of them.

But then when I think about the scene with Amber and the roomate at the dinner table-guffawing over the dog peeing on the floor acting like, well, like what they are, just out of college girls-I'm not so shocked that he kept Bevin. But I really do like Amber and I was even more surprised at her hyperventilating in the limo. I guess it shows that she's not as mature as she thinks she is.

and even though I called Tessa as making it through, she made me a little nervous during their last conversation. But he seemed to think that it went awesome so that is all that matters. I love her. She's normal and nice and pretty (in a different sort of way).

Danielle's family was probably the most normal although I couldn't stop looking at her mom's teeth and I would like to put some meat on her dad's bones. He looked like Jack Spratt but the marathon running explained a lot.

I cannot wait until next week. Again, I am calling Danielle and Tessa as the final two but a little part of me is secretly worried that Bevin will pull something out of her hat, like sex, to stick around until the end.

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Anonymous said...

you have very astute observations...and I think you are right on all of them! i am worried about the sex with Bevin, but i think it will only make him ditch her. he is way too clean cut to marry someone with a tattoo on her shoulder! -e