Monday, January 07, 2008


J's expecting this post. He gave me a big ole I told you so this evening when the LB drank his milk out of a cup. He's been on a milk boycott since last Thursday. He finally broke tonight. J said he would. It was really sad-because he really did just break down. This afternoon he ate 3 bananas, a pbj sandwhich, a piece of string cheese and when we came home from Mimi and Papa's he asked for his milk. So I gave it to him in his cup. He lost it. Poking his lip out, the works. I have to admit that I was one step away from breaking down myself and giving him his bottle back. All I wanted to do was make him feel better. But I didn't and as we were eating dinner, and he was eating some veggie nuggets he reached over and took a big swig of milk. I guess he was thirsty and he needed something to wash down the nuggets and from there he kept swigging away. I heard angels singing.

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