Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Golly, is this weather atrocious or what? Yuck! and it doesn't help that we are all sick. Yup, every last one of us. Me, J, W and Master P. There are reports of flash flooding so of course I was super anxious up until I got Master P and I into the car in the wet and cold to go pick up W. I had to go around the block twice to find a spot and finally got to pull right in front. His teacher was walking down the sidewalk in rain boots to see which moms were there and I looked up to the porch and that's when I saw him and I started to cry. W was standing there alone (I guess she knew that I am always the first mom there so she brought him out first.) He had on his froggy raincoat and I could barely see his face peeping out from under the hood. I don't know why I started crying. I'm not pregnant but he just looked so old, like a lost little man-my baby. So she got him and they came toddling out to the car and then his baby face came back. His sweet smile with all the excitement he could muster in the wind and the rain. God, I love him.

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