Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Heehawer and the Class Clown

We went to the park again this morning. It was muddy and gross but the equipment was relatively dry and W was in another good, laughy mood. Two friends came too and they seemed to all be having a ball. C was pretty much rolling around in the mud, at the sheer panic of his mom. But he didn't seem to mind. and ME was just happy to be outside, toddling around, squealing in delight at the nature. C was being really funny, almost like the class clown and W was heehawing at everything he did which certainly egged C on. He'd throw a stick in the air and W howled. He did it again and he howled louder. and if C didn't pick up the stick fast enough, W would get it and hand it back to C for another round. It was so fun to watch. At this age they usually don't play together that much but today they were definitely a team.

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