Thursday, September 06, 2007

In the News: Are Plastic Bottles Toxic?

One more thing to worry about. The use of plastic bottles and the toxic chemicals in them. I got an email through the email grapevine a few weeks ago but shrugged it off because I had already brought this issue to the attention of my pediatrician who said it was news to him.

and you never know about those forwarded emails. They're a dime a dozen, a friend of a friend story.

Then I read about the harmful effects of plastic bottles in Parenting Magazine. It's linked with Cancer, hyperactivity, impaired immune function to name a few problems. I'm not sure what to do. The LB still drinks a bottle of milk when he wakes up and after dinner. I know I'm not supposed to let him have a bottle but I do. Too many kids I know stopped drinking milk once the precious bottle was banned and since I'm dealing with a picky eater, I'm just glad he's getting his milk. So what do I do? Take away the bottles? Right before the new baby arrives who will eventually be drinking from a bottle, which will inevitably make him mad? or buy him new bottles for these last few months that he's drinking from them? Like I said, One more thing to worry about.

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motherofg said...

You're just not supposed to heat the bottles up- that's when they supposedly emit the bad stuff. So hand wash and don't microwave.