Saturday, September 08, 2007

I don't think you ever forget the misery of the last trimester of pregnancy but I think you forget what the misery feels like. I am now reminded. Nothing fits. I'm uncomfortable standing up. I'm uncomfortable sitting down. I'm uncomfortable sleeping. and now I have such apathy towards everything. I'm kind of depressed. I cried this morning. For no reason at all. Well, I cried because nothing fits, I'm uncomfortable standing get the picture.

But then as I think about this afternoon when the Little Buddy and J were chasing each other around the house I realized that I didn't have the laughter the first time around. Today, I was sitting in the kitchen doing the crossword puzzle and my background music was a stream of deep belly laughing from W as J would catch him in a game of chase or startle him as he ran into the sunporch and the whole game would start over again. It's a nice, sweet, joyful break from the monotony of pregnancy.

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